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Greetings!! Welcome to Madame Macabre's House of Curiosities.

Madame Macabre's is a place where fantasy and the macabre meet. From rich textured curio jewelry displays, curiosity cabinetry, real embellished animal skulls, crystallized antler crowns and other mythological artifacts...these are just some of the many creations designed by Artist London Von Frische Nehrung Mourdyn.

London Von Frische Nehrung, proprietor and artist of Madame Macabre’s House of Curiosities, is notorious for her elaborate antler crowns, bone and gemstone embellished curio cabinets and crystallized animal skull décor.

In addition to her organic sculptures, she creates masterful oil paintings of contemporary surrealism. Her artwork is a noteworthy departure from the orthodox, steeped in fantasy, mysticism, and treasure. Her unrestrained inspirations are not exclusive to one genre or medium. Baroque, art nouveau, and the ossuaries of Europe are just few of the influences which she expounds from.

Coming from a family of artists, poets, musicians, and gypsies, London has also been singing on stage since she was five years old. Curiously, it wasn’t until she took on a tattoo apprenticeship whereby she gained a deeper appreciation for art and illustration. It was during this time that she began to pursue an interest in oil painting, taking workshops from notable artists to hone and perfect her skill.

London currently lives in Dallas, Texas and is originally from Los Angeles, California. A classically trained musician, photographer, and artist, London Von Frische Nehrung is truly a multi-talented phenomenon!

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