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Embellished Bobcat - Antler Crown

Embellished Bobcat - Antler Crown

Amethyst, Blue/Purple Aura Quartz Bobcat Embellished Crystallized Antler Crown With Deer Vertebrae, Turkish Bellydance Coins and Labradorite Rosary Chain.

This magnificent deer horn, antler crown is a perfect adornment and accessory for any bride, belly dancer, woodland nymph, renaissance, fantasy or fairy attire. It measures 18.5” X13” X 10”, 6.5” in diameter, 18.5.5” circumference. It was created from a perfect set of deer antlers and encrusted with sparkling pyrite crystals which fastens the crown together in the back. The bobcat skull and crown are embellished with amethyst, blue/purple aura quartz, deer vertebrae, Turkish belly dance coins and finished with labradorite rosary chain.

All of our crowns are meant to be sewn in the hair using hair extensions, leather or clips. Many of the crowns we have sold to date have been used in weddings and photoshoots with the help of a professional stylist.

The crowns may also be used as table arrangements or centerpieces for weddings and events or displayed as an art piece in your home.

*** All our animal bones and skulls are ethically sourced from cruelty free venders. Visit our FAQ page for more information. ***